Vancouver Chiropractor says : Sciatica! OUCH! What a pain in the butt!!!

Well, you are expecting a baby and you are almost there!!! approximately 4-6 weeks to go and oh, oh… You are no longer as comfortable as you once were. Now as that baby of yours starts settling down further into your pelvis, the changes that naturally have to occur in the sacrum (triangular bone between your gluts), and the muscles and ligaments surrounding it can lead to pinching of the sciatic nerve (Sciatica). The symptoms that typically appear with Sciatica are stabbing pain in the buttocks, shooting pain, numbness or tingling that radiates down the back of the leg.

What do you do? At Vancouver Chiropractic, we believe that combination therapies for this are very effective. Along with pre-natal chiropractic care to correct any misalignment in the sacro-iliac joint, I also recommend to many of my patients to use:

1) moist heat to release spasm and/or cold pack to decrease inflammation

2) mild specific stretching or massage therapy to release tight muscles

3) acupuncture to decrease over-firing of the surrounding muscles if the stretching or heat do not help.

If you would like to learn more about this please book an appointment!

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