Is It Time For A Tune Up? 4 Tips Including Back Pain To Tell If Your Body Is Asking (Or Begging) for some TLC..

Its time for many of us who have been neglecting our health. Whether experiencing back pain, putting off looking after ourselves, or just avoiding the screams of our body to do something positive to support it.

From a musculo-skeletal point of view, the body seeks balance and fluidity. Over-worked muscles that eventually fatigue and contract can lead to imbalance and limited range of motion.

Here are some things to look for when your body had hit it’s limit:
1) symptoms in areas you aren’t used to feeling pain.  For example headaches, knee pain, hip pain, and plantar-fascitis for example.
2) constant tension or spasm on one side of body.
3) feeling imbalanced or crooked when walking, climbing stairs, or running.
4) hearing clicking that is happening more than usual in the joints of hip, spine or shoulder where there hasn’t been a known injury.

It is important we realize that our spines are meant to shift to compensate. If they don’t, there would be so much pulling on our spines that we run the risk of a worse injury.
A chiropractor that focuses on posture, positioning, and explains what you can do to mitigate the injury in the first place.
Seeing a chiropractor that helps you focus on your function, will allow you to challenge your muscles. and to be the best you can be while doing that activity.
Dr Nora Rahemtulla at Vancouver Chiropractic – we are here for you when you are ready to book an appointment.

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