Patient Testimonials

Nora is the best chiropractor I have experienced. She is caring and very skilled. Her treatments are based on your current needs and she has helped immensely with relieving at-times painful conditions and maintaining a healthy body, including during and post pregnancy. My family is so thankful to be in the care of Dr. Nora.
Dr. Rahemtulla is simply the best!! I have seen several chiropractors and nobody compares to Dr. Rahemtulla. I see her mainly for maintenance now, however whenever I have a mishap which causes some pain she is always able to relieve the pain quickly. She is very gentle and compassionate, always on time and really cares about the general well being patients. I strongly recommend her.
I'm in my early seventies. Dr. Nora has been looking after my back, shoulder and leg pains and gives me advice on life style changes without the need for medication! I highly recommended her.
Dr Rahemtulla is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and confident. She is attentive to your needs and is committed to helping your body for good posture and health in the long term. What I truly appreciated is her willingness to remain open and learn from how things ‘feel’ post alignment. I liked that she suggested movements and changes I can make to my life to be more aware of how the problem I went to see her for arose in the first place. In other words she is keen to assist you in getting to know your body better and for her treatment to be a step towards better long term health rather than for you to grow ‘dependent’ on her treatments. ” Nora is amazing. She’s very knowledgeable, dedicated and truly wants the best for her patients. I always recommend her to others.
My experience with this Chiropractor is second to none. She is very knowledgeable, sensitive and caring. Tailors treatment to your needs and is very successful. I tried a few chiropractors before finding Dr. Nora and I swear by her. She has brought me back relief I did not get from others. I would highly recommend her.