Why Hydration is one of the key elements to muscle/joint/digestive function…

Not many people put a lot of thought into hydration unless they are at the gym, outside on a hot day, or when they are already very thirsty. Next to air, water is the most essential element for survival. The combination of 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen contributes to over 2/3rds of body makeup and is necessary for many system functions that we don’t think of until they go south.

Here are 4 examples of how hydration is key:

1) Water acts a lubricant to your joints so it is crucial to hydrate yourself adequately for overuse injuries or wear and tear on our cartilage
2) Water flushes out toxins from your blood as well and lactic acid build up in our muscles during and after exercise.
3) Water gives your skin a clear and glowing complexion.
4) Water is critical for thermal regulation of our body to stay cool and for kidney function and feedback to other organ systems.
5) Water assists in digestion with ability to pull out usable nutrients and the decrease possibility of build of of waste in colon.

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