Is It Time For A Tune Up? 4 Tips Including Back Pain To Tell If Your Body Is Asking (Or Begging) for some TLC..

Its time for many of us who have been neglecting our health. Whether experiencing back pain, putting off looking after ourselves, or just avoiding the screams of our body to do something positive to support it. From a musculo-skeletal point of view, the body seeks balance and fluidity. Over-worked muscles that eventually fatigue and contract …

Post-partum back pain

There are many women that will experience lower back and middle back pain after the birth of baby. This may be due to a variety of factors that cause the stress and pressure on muscles and spine. Nursing, poor posture, weakness, imbalances due to body returning back to prenatal position, and lack of sleep are …

Dr. Nora Rahemtulla providing chiropractic care to a young girl

Spinal check ups before going back to school

How important is seeing your chiropractor? Well, if you have a spine and a nervous system. I believe having a spinal check up is just as important as having a dental check up. If you have (and want to keep) your teeth!
As we grow and develop, it is vital to ensure proper alignment and movement. Kids need flexibility and balance in the spine and muscles as mobility changes. Chiropractors are trained to assess all of the above and re-establish as well as correct areas of inflexibility and limited movement of the musculo-skeletal system.
Children should receive spinal check ups at different milestones and as they grow. For example: sitting up to pushing on their knees, crawling to walking, walking to running.

Insufficient time spent learning the basics of crawling or walking can limit the stimulation of important pelvic stabilizers and core muscles when running, jumping, or even transitioning from varies positions. Thus leading to undesirable consequences in adolescence. Poor posture, stress, text neck, falls, and sports injuries are among many things that can cause strain to the body and can result in dysfunction and subsequent pain.
Check it out before symptoms and noticeable imbalances present itself.
Contact us at Vancouver Chiropractic to book an appointment for a spinal check up for children.
Dr. Nora

Ignore your Health.. and it will go away!!

Your nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is the most important structure(s) that control every function of your body. If you are active or looking to become more active. It is crucial that you develop healthy habits of movement, stretching, strengthening, and eating well. One of the best ways to make sure your body, including …

Can An Old Injury Still Be Causing Me Issues?

SAlthough every injury is different. It is safe to say that there will be some degree of residual compensation over the years, even if asymptomatic. This is especially true if there was some direct or sudden trauma. Such as a car accident or a fall that wasn’t dealt with correctly. Over time, weakness and scar …

Vancouver Chiropractic asks “PSOAS or not PSOAS?”

Psoas or not Psoas? That is the ultimate question I ask myself when it comes to finding the cause of post-partum muscle overcompensation in the lower back. When a woman who has just given birth comes in for a chiropractic evaluation and treatment. I determine why there is a pattern of muscle contraction causing pain and dysfunction …