Vancouver Chiropractic: reducing back pain one spine at a time

GOOD HEALTH is like financial or family issues, many of us ignore them until the money or family member is gone. Then its too late to deal with the core problem.

A common symptom that plagues many Canadians is lower back pain. In fact 85% of the population has or will have some type of back pain in their lives. Having a healthy back is not a simple matter, if it was everyone would have one.

Humans are bipeds (walk on two feet) and thus do not have the wide base of support and stability that an animal who walks on all four has.

Thus it is crucial that we develop the correct muscle strength to assist us in navigating through our busy lives.

Some key muscles to keep an eye on are the erector muscles (located on both sides beside our spine) and the hip flexors or iliopsoas muscles (starts high in the sides of the groin/pelvic region and travels down to the front of the thigh. Keep these muscle limber yet strong.

A balanced lifestyle, including exercise, stretching, stress reduction and keeping your spine aligned through chiropractic adjustments/check-ups will allow the body and back to function optimally.

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