Vancouver Chiropractor: Defining injury

What is an injury?

An injury can consist of a variety of reactions to a sudden traumatic incident or repetitive micro-traumas over time. Both can have the same negative reactions in the body.

Body will feel vulnerable and will go into a defense mode:

1)      local area will send chemical messages to the brain and the brain will tell the muscles around the area to tighten/shorten to prevent further injury.

2)      Inflammation will slowly start to creep in to act as not only to mend damaged tissue, but to continue to stabilize the local area of injury.

3)      Due to the build up of tension from the muscles and the fluid of the inflammatory process, the joints will compensate and move. This in turn leads to further compromise of the bio-mechanics ( misalignment of the spine) and now will create pressure on the local nerves exiting the spine.

4)      Numbness and tingling, referral patterns, headaches, carpal tunnel etc…

Symptoms like: heat, redness, bogginess, limited movement, pain, achiness

What should be done after injury?

Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest


Seek professional care

Lifestyle issues:

Weak muscles

Out of shape

Poor diet high in inflammatory producing foods


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