VANCOUVER CHIROPRACTIC recommends Swiss Ball or Bosu Ball for Strengthening Core Post Partum

Stability balls are definately a great way to target core muscles without putting stress on joints or creating repetitive strain injuries. Whe used correctly they are a effective alternative to crunches, squats, and even lunges done on their own.

I find after having a baby, women look for easy, time-saving ways to get their strength back as well as improve balance in their pelvic floor.

There are great online links, DVDs and classes at fitness and community centres available to teach and assist in educating the right positions and movements.

The natural instability of the ball creates a fantastic opprtunity to access multiple parts of the body and encourages the use of core stabilizers. It forces the nervous system to work in checks and balances over many of the involved muscles and creates a stability belt around the low back and pelvis.

Contact Vancouver Chiropractor, Nora Rahemtulla if you are intersted in learning more about your needs of core stability and how it affects yor back strength.

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