Vancouver Chiropractor: Back pain prevention

Did you know that musculoskeletal conditions cost Canada $16.4 billion in direct treatment costs and lost productivity each year?

While practicing as a Vancouver chiropractor over the years, the common factors I have found that contribute to this are:

 1)      Poor ergonomics/ Posture

 2)      Time spent at station without breaks

 3)      Stress

 4)      Fatigue

 5)      Weakness in muscles/ pre-existing injury

 6)      Unhealthy lifestyle: lack of exercise and poor diet


Posture is a critical factor in overcoming any case of repetitive strain injury. When the segments of the body are properly aligned in relation to one on the other the body is better able to function at its optimal. The more strain or irritation to the muscles, the more likelihood of injury and pain to the body. Poor ergonomics can cause poor posture and overworked muscles. Whether sitting or standing, the correct stacking of the body’s segments remains critical for the graceful, pain-free and easy movement of the body. Rechecking and repositioning yourself throughout the day will remove stress to the muscles and joints

Standing posture: High arches or flat feet can also sabotage posture and lead to and aching back. Women are particularly vulnerable since we suffer from 4 times as many foot ailments as men.

Orthotics can correct or  support the arch to alleviate compensation from the back

Carrying to much on one side of your body is also detrimental to the alignment of the body. Switching sides or changing the way you carry your books, children, groceries, laptop etc.. can greatly affect and reduce pain in shoulders and neck.

Between work, web surfing, driving, watching TV, you probably spend most of your day sitting which is murder on your neck and back.

A landmark Swedish study sitting upright already increases the force on the spine by 140% compared with standing. If you slouch or slump that number rises to 185%

Breaks are needed every 45 to 60 minutes to prevent strain. Get up to stretch.

Why seek help?

Many of the things mentioned up to now involve work that you can modify or implement yourselves. However the overall message is that if you are able to keep the pain or discomfort away, great! But if you are finding that it comes and goes or you are not able to tolerate it despite all you have done, its time to seek professional help for back pain prevention.


1)      Improve Spinal Alignment through chiropractic adjustments

2)      Physical Fitness/Stretch/Strengthen/take breaks

3)      Nutrition

To learn more or book an appointment, we are here to help!

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