Vancouver Chiropractic: Benefits of Breastfeeding..

As a Vancouver Chiropractor and a mother of three, I am always being asked about advice on breastfeeding. If the new mom is able to, there are such great benefits of nursing for both mom and baby.

In a study of 96,648 nurses who gave birth between 1986 and 2002, those that had spent at least 2 years breastfeeding were 19% less likely to suffer a heart attack than those who had not breastfed at all. Alison Stuebe of the Harvard Medical School , said that nursing a newborn may help a mother’s metabolism switch from pregnancy mode back to normal.

The bonding experience is fantastic as well and I find its a great way to have an excuse to just sit down with your baby and enjoy being close.

If  you are nursing then its also helpful to have your upper spine adjusted to help with stress or postural strain.

Dr. Nora Rahemtulla @

Vancouver Chiropractic inc.

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