Why Is Chiropractic So Important Throughout Pregnancy?

Chiropractic through pregancy
        Chiropractic through pregnancy

During and after pregnancy your body experiences some or all of the following changes:

  • Rapid increase/decrease in weight
  • Postural changes
  • Changes in sleep patterns and positions
  • Loosening of body ligaments to allow for growth/labour
  • Flat feet/overpronation due to weight gain/loose ligaments

Studies have shown women who have consistent chiropractic care throughout their pregnancies may have shorter and less painful labour, with fewer complications and interventions.

Chiropractic during pregnancy is a gentle, safe and non-invasive approach to:

  • Decreasing neck and back pain
  • Improving overall functioning of the spine and pelvis
  • Allowing the most optimal movement for you and your baby

At Vancouver Chiropractic we offer individualized and stress-free treatment programs to assist in making your pregnancy, labour, and postpartum experience easier and more comfortable.

Dr. Nora is certified in and performs Webster Technique during pregnancy to help reduce torsion in the pelvis and uterine ligaments. This allows for optimal fetal positioning and an efficient birth experience.