Dr. Nora Rahemtulla

As a mother of 3 growing teenagers, Vancouver Chiropractic clinic owner, and practicing chiropractor for over 27 years. I understand the need and importance of quality wellness care.

Along with 8 years of post-secondary schooling, I have completed post-doctorate training in peri-natal, post-natal, and pediatric chiropractic care. I treat busy families and parents as well as their children, while educating them on the importance of spinal health for long term benefit.

Working together as a team, it is my goal to create an environment for my patients to feel heard, involved, and to know that they have choices in managing their health and positive lifestyles.

Just as my family has grown and evolved, so has my practice. I see the importance of individualized and patient centered care, and strive to provide that to my patients. I am committed to continuing education in chiropractic and wellness to provide my patients the most up to date natural care choices available.

Through my commitment to continuing education in chiropractic and other natural health disciplines, I frequently attend chiropractic post-graduate seminars on topics such as: radiology, neurology, sports injuries, nutrition, and exercise physiology.

I strive to keep up my learning so I am better able to assist:

  • expectant and new mothers with physical challenges and changes that they often experience during and after pregnancy
  • women in their peri and menopausal years navigate changes their bodies and nervous system are experiencing
  • infants and young children with spinal care to optimize spinal growth and development, prevent poor posture, and screen for scoliosis
  • athletes to prevent further injury and enhance performance in sport and training
  • young adults and seniors
  • adults with arthritic pain arising from activities of daily living, overuse, and traumatic injuries

Through my practical experience over the years, I have developed a distinct style of treatment that combines chiropractic care with body awareness using exercise and movement instruction.

Dr. Nora Rahemtulla
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