Vancouver Chiropractor: Answers the question “Why adjust kids?”


As a Vancouver Chiropractor as well as a mom of 3 young children, I see great benefits to checking the child’s spine for misalignments, which can impair nerve system function, and through modified chiropractic adjustments designed for children, restore nerve system function.

More and more parents are seeking the help of chiropractic for their children. The reason is that more people are recognizing that many spinal issues arise from as early as childhood or even birth.

Regular developmental milestones or regular activities in childhood can cause spinal misalignment. Undetected or un-managed, these misalignment can develop into functional imbalances later in life.

Find a chiropractor that has had specific training adjusting kids. When you are ready to book an appointment we are here

Dr. Nora Rahemtulla

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