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As the official Vancouver Chiropractic (don’t be fooled by others claiming to be Vancouver Chiropractic)……….we wanted to clarify that They may be a chiropractor IN Vancouver but are no way affiliated or associated to us.
So here goes.

Yes, the rainy wet dreary weather is back for a while. How do you stay on top of your wellness routine? First and foremost, add an Omega 3 to your daily routine… ie: fish oil/flax oil etc. That will help in keeping your mood up and your immune system stronger.
Next, get some cardio in your daily routine, even if it means using stairs, walking briskly in the mall, or doing jumping jacks while waiting for the laundry.. You get my drift. The most important is check your posture often, stretch and take deep breaths. Summer is not THAT far away (:

Dr. Nora
We are Vancouver Chiropractic. (:

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