Vancouver Chiropractor says: Ignore your health and it will go away”

Your spine and nervous system are the most important structures in your body. The brain and nerves that exit it control every voluntary and involuntary function you have. If given the opportunity to care for them and check if they were working properly, would you?
Why then do so many people ignore the subtle symptoms of pain and dysfunction by masking them with pain killers and muscle relaxants ?
Ignoring these signals that your body is sending is just an invitation for a chronic problem to set in.
In order to function correctly on a day to day basis, the nervous system has be to able to talk to your body to express motor skills such as strength, coordination, and balance. If your spine is mis aligned the information is limited or dampened. Like a traffic jam!
Chiropractic adjustments, the right exercise/stretching and well balanced eating/ hydration are the keys to an optimal functioning spine and the real road to optimal healing.
At Vancouver Chiropractic, we believe that spinal health is a very important aspect of self care. Want to learn more?
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Dr. Nora

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