Vancouver Chiropractor- Don’t underestimate stress on your body

It is absolutely amazing how vulnerable our spines and muscles are to stress. As a response to our emotions surrounding stress (i.e.: anger, fear, sadness, nervousness) our bodies tighten up and our nervous system through a feedback loop can overreact or under react producing more stress hormone like cortisol, adrenaline etc.
Our spines are so closely connected to both our nervous systems and our muscles that it can’t help but to shift out of alignment as a means of compensation and accommodation. This creates an environment to cause symptoms like headaches, neck and shoulder tightness and low back pain.

Add a poor ergonomic situation such being a tired new mom or an individual sitting in front of the computer at a job they don’t like, and ta da you have a recipe for strain/sprain.

It is important not to ignore or take your emotional health for granted and assume it plays no role in your musculoskeletal health. Death of a loved one, divorce, financial stress and feeling overwhelmed with taking care of children can be underestimated in terms of the stress impact it has on the body.

Things you can do early on to prevent problems are 1)acknowledge the impact it is having on you and your body,2) breathe deeper,3) stretch well, 4)go for a long brisk walk to get blood flowing, 5) and hydrate yourself.

As a working woman/ mom, whether you are running around after toddlers or on the go with other things, it is so important that you maintain your flexibility and stretching in both your joints and muscles. In my own experience it is so easy to get caught up with taking care of others only to neglect your own heath and well-being.

We all have good intentions to not let that happen but some how we put ourselves last when it comes to the list of priorities. If you are in pain or uncomfortable you are not as efficient doing the things you need to do and cranky with everyone around you!!!

When I compare the women in the work place who put their health as a priority compared to the ones who suffer till they are in so much pain, the women who are consistant with their treatments, chiropractic, massage, exercise, yoga etc…are happier, healthier and their families and workplace benefit from it.

Take guilt out of the equation and make time for yourself. I know its easier said than done sometimes because it does take effort. You and your little ones are worth it!!!

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