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Orthotics for Back Health

Do you require orthotics?

Orthotics are devices worn in shoes to control abnormal foot function. When the foot is not functioning correctly, it may produce lower back, hip, knee, and ankle pain and of course pain in the foot itself. Orthotics can relieve that pain by supporting the ligaments and the osseous (bone) structures of the feet and improve the bio-mechanics or movement while walking.

Orthotics are used for many conditions, from childhood to adulthood. In children, orthotics are used to realign the arch structure, realign in-toeing and out-toeing gait problems, or to accommodate knee and hip problems. In the very active age group, such as runners or sports related activities, specially constructed orthotics are accommodated to the specific sporting event. Most professional athletes and weekend athletes use orthotics to help increase their performance. In the older age group, orthotics are also used as an accommodative device for diseased areas of the foot. Diabetic ulcers, hallux valgus (bunions), heel spurs, plantar fascitis, and a host of osseous (bone) or arthritic types of problems can be helped by an orthotic.

As a patient of Vancouver Chiropractic you will receive a gait/foot analysis as part of your first visit to determine if you are a candidate for orthotic inserts. If your condition or bio-mechanics will benefit from them, we can customize your orthotics to your needs and specifications. In order to be effective they must be made accurately and specifically to fit your foot and bio-mechanical requirements.

Many extended health insurance plans do cover most or all of the cost of customized foot orthotics.

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