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Chiropractic & Kids

Children Need Chiropractic Care Too

A young spine, with few exceptions, usually develops perfectly by the end of pregnancy. It's what happens around the time of delivery and in the months and years after birth which can sometimes upset the normal functioning of the spine. Spinal segments can be misaligned initially from the trauma of the trip through the birth canal, or from the birthing process itself. Medical research has identified the fact that many problems early in a child's life can come from birth traumas.

Spinal misalignments can also occur as a result of:

  • the frequent falls suffered by toddlers in the first years of life
  • fall from a bed or a fall down the stairs
  • a sudden stop in an automobile
  • any significant unsupported movement of the head and neck
  • the act of learning to walk and the number of simple falls
  • heavy or improperly fitted backpacks
  • poor posture
  • sports injuries

It can be difficult for parents to recognize when a child has spinal misalignments. There are some clues however which parents may look for which can be an indicator of a child with a spinal problem. Common indicators may include:

  • the child's head consistently being tilted to one side
  • restricted head or neck motion to one side
  • disturbed sleeping patterns where the child sleeps for only a few hours at a time
  • feeding difficulties in the very young infant; the infant may have difficulty nursing at the breast on one particular side.
Symptoms to watch for and common problems for which parents seek
the advice of a chiropractor are:

  • persistent earaches
  • persistent sore throats
  • colic
  • headaches
  • bedwetting
  • growing pains
  • foot imbalances
  • back pain
  • leg pains
  • slouching or imbalanced shoulders or hips

At VANCOUVER Chiropractic we will conduct a careful and thorough evaluation of your child's spine. Dr. Nora Rahemtulla is trained to evaluate pediatric spinal problems and will use gentle, specific skills to identify, evaluate, and treat any involved spinal areas.

Spinal adjustments for infants and young children involve very light finger-tip adjustments to correct malfunctioning spinal structures. A light spinal adjustment, using no more than 8 ounces of pressure, is usually sufficient to restore mobility to spinal joints which have become locked and are causing interference with the normal function of the nervous system. Some adjustments make a "popping" sound when the spinal joints are moved, however this sound is not always heard when children's spines are adjusted.

Children's spines are a lot more mobile than those of adults and as a result, usually respond to care in a shorter period of time.

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