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As a mom of 3 young children and a health professional for over 17 years, I am often asked by my patients to recommend products that I think are useful. One of my favorites, due of the effectiveness and the safety of it, is Traumeel topical cream. It is manufactured by a German based company called Heel. There are few natural product companies that preform the type of gold standard testing and write up studies to back up their products the way this company does. It is available at most reputable natural food stores, as well as many pharmacies, chiropractic and naturopathic offices. Traumeel contains a number of homeopathic remedies one of which is arnica, which is widely known for its natural reduction of swelling. I often apply this cream to an area after a muscle strain or joint sprain to minimize the after effects of the injury such as pain, bruising, and inflammation. The reason it is different from other topical creams is because it is an inflammatory regulator not an anti-inflammatory. That means that it doesn’t cover up or mask the swelling but rather works with the body’s natural healing capability to bring the inflammation down as well as heal the surrounding tissue. This allows the body to experience less pain. Another reason I recommend it is that it is safe for use topically on children as well as during pregnancy for those aches and pains as well as bruises, minor sun burns, and muscle pulls when medication is not an option or when ice may not be available. Traumeel is not greasy, absorbs very well, and has no scent. Traumeel is one of the few products I know of that is this versatile, safe and most importantly effective. I have a tube in almost every room in my house. When I am assessing a patient and notice there is swelling around a joint, I will apply some traumeel cream to assist in reduction of the tenderness before treating the area and then recommend them following up at home with further applications. My patients are often amazed at how quickly it takes effect considering how natural of a product it is. After a busy day at the clinic, as a chiropractor, my hands can get achy and sore. I rub the cream into my own hands and wrists to ease the physical stress of my day’s work. If you have any further questions about usage and studies regarding this product please email me at vancouverchiropractic@yahoo.ca or check out their company’s website at Heel.ca.

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